Computer Auto Shut Down 2.1


Computer Auto Shut Down (Pc Auto Shut Down) can be used to shut down your computer a specified time. It is free to download and use. With the pro version, you can also time it to do : "Hibernate, Sleep, Log off, Reboot".

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As you can see from the screen shot, you can turn off your computer at relative time from now, like: 10 minutes later. Or you can turn off your computer at a fully specified date. And to be realistic, the date is some time in the future, and the software will do a check to make sure you’ve setup the valid date.

After you set it up to run, it will display when it will shutdown at the top of the window, and have a count down of the time to the shutdown point in the below in large text. And of course you can turn off the shutdown schedule by click on “Disable Shutdown” button if you changed your mind after.

The software support minimize into to the system tray to save the screen space. Click on the minimized button in the window title bar will hide the main window and make it available to be restored from the system tray. To windows 7 users, make sure you have turn on system tray display to make it visible.

When the software find it’s less than 30 seconds to the shutdown point, it will restore it self to the center of the screen to remind you of the shutdown to avoid the unintended action. And you can cancel the shutdown process but click “Disable Shutdown” button. 30 seconds is plenty of time I think.

Besides power off, you can also set it to: Hibernate, Sleep, Log off, Reboot when the time arrives.

Command line paramter:
[-action poweroff | hibernate | sleep | logoff | reboot] [-t "minutes to shutdown"] [-help|-h]
Example: to hibernate 30 minutes later please run:
autoshutdown -action hibernate -t 30